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3 Causes of a Furnace Leak October 25, 2018

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3 Causes of a Furnace Leak, High Point, North Carolina

Furnace leaks can cause issues in a home, damaging the unit, flooring, and walls, and they may even contribute to harmful mold growth. Though some instances of this issue will be obvious when you notice pools or streams of liquid flowing from your unit, others may be smaller and will require more attention to catch. To help homeowners diagnose this issue and determine if it’s time for furnace repair, Earnhardt Heating & Cooling in High Point, NC, has shared three potential causes of a leaky furnace.

Furnace Leak? Here’s What May Be Causing It

1. Condensation on the Unit

If you have a leaky furnace, it can often be the result of excess condensation on the unit. Standard efficiency furnaces have a metal exhaust pipe which shouldn’t accumulate condensation, so if they do, it could mean the flue pipe was incorrectly sized. When this happens, the hot exhaust cools down and condenses in the pipe, which then drains back and causes a leak, an indication it’s time for furnace repair. 

2. Clogged Drain Line

furnace repairA leak in the drain line also requires furnace repair. This can happen when the air conditioning unit shares an internal drain with the furnace, causing the drain system to form clogs over time as more debris is filtered through. This sends water to the furnace, resulting in a leak.  

3. Humidifier Issues

Because humidifiers release moisture into the air, they require water to operate. When they spring a leak or form a clog, they may release the moisture into your furnace, which will spill the water onto your floor. This can often be caught early in HVAC maintenance checks, so after the issue is resolved, schedule regular appointments to prevent it from returning.

If you need furnace repair, trust in Earnhardt Heating & Cooling in High Point, NC. Since 1994, these heating and air conditioning contractors have been providing residents across High Point and the Triad area with everything from air conditioning services to heating system repair. To schedule a free consultation, give them a call today at (336) 869-6851, and visit their website for more information.