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The Dos & Don'ts of Using Social Media During a Divorce July 27, 2018

Scottsboro, Jackson
The Dos & Don'ts of Using Social Media During a Divorce, Scottsboro, Alabama

It’s common for people to post about stressful life experiences on social media. However, if you’re going through a divorce or child custody dispute, your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts can have a major impact on the outcome, even if the page is set to private. Below are a few do’s and don’ts of using social media during a marriage dissolution, courtesy of the divorce attorneys at Edmiston Law in Scottsboro, AL.


Change your passwords.

If your spouse has had access to any device you used to log in to social media accounts, it’s safest to assume they have the passwords. To keep all content away from your spouse’s divorce attorney, change your passwords as soon as you decide to file.

Be careful what you post.

divorce attorneyDisparaging comments about a spouse, photos of any activities, and even check-ins can be taken out of context and used against you, potentially casting you in a negative light to the judge or jury. To be safe, it’s best not to post any personal content, especially if your divorce involves a contentious child custody dispute.


Delete your accounts.

You might be tempted to delete all your social media accounts during a divorce, but this could be considered destroying evidence if a former spouse tries to subpoena content. Instead, deactivate them, so they’re not accessible to anyone else until your case is over.

Rely on privacy settings.

You might have the privacy settings on your social media accounts set to the highest level, but divorce attorneys are adept at getting around them. If you’re dissolving a marriage, assume that a judge or jury will see anything you post.

The divorce attorneys at Edmiston Law have over 20 years of combined legal experience and a reputation throughout Scottsboro, AL, for committed, efficient, and effective representation. Their team will zealously protect your interests and guide you through the complexities of the legal process. Visit the website to learn more about their family law services, or call (256) 259-0834 to schedule a consultation today.

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