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Consult thedinosaurhaus For The Best Vacation Rentals in New York City June 2, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Consult thedinosaurhaus For The Best Vacation Rentals in New York City, Manhattan, New York

It’s time to start planning this year’s summer vacation. Where are you and your family headed? Whether you’re a native New Yorker, a frequent visitor, or it’s your first time to the Big Apple, consider a trip to NYC with thedinosaurhaus. Even if you’re staying put this summer or going elsewhere, get to know this summer rental company and it will soon become your standard for quality, reliability, and affordability throughout your summer travel adventures. There’s no beating thedinosaurhaus; with a team of experts on board who are all local to the city, their New York City expertise is unmatched by any other travel company in the area.


A holiday rental from thedinosaurhaus is different from any other short term rental. It’s more than a short term accommodation; it’s your very own home in New York City. Much more personal, local, and homely than a hotel, a holiday rental puts you right where you want to be, whether that’s in the middle of the action in Times Square or away from it all in your own little Brooklyn hideaway. You’ll feel right at home, and you’ll likely be paying less than you would for an expensive chain hotel.

The team of New York City experts at thedinosaurhaus can’t wait to welcome you to the city and help to accommodate you on a trip that you’ll never forget. For more information on this vacation rental company, call (646) 233-1442. You can also visit them online for testimonials and examples of rental properties.