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How to Deter Your Digging Dog with Landscaping Gravel July 27, 2018

Helena Flats, Flathead
How to Deter Your Digging Dog with Landscaping Gravel , Helena Flats, Montana

No matter how much you adore your furry friend, you may understandably detest the damage those paws do to your yard. Many dogs have a proclivity for digging up grass, dirt, and other backyard terrain, which can lead to serious landscaping difficulties. To deter this habit, you may want to utilize landscaping gravel and rocks throughout your outdoor space.

Why Use Landscaping Gravel?

Dogs love to dig up, roll around in, and generally muck up dirt and grass. They also tend to pace the same areas of the yard repeatedly as a way of claiming their territory. Eventually, these habits can lead to unsightly wear and tear. By contrast, it’s much more challenging to destroy the look and function of layers of pea gravel. When you install pea gravel in key areas of your property, you won’t have to worry about soil erosion, damaged plants, and other similar issues.

How Should You Use Landscaping Gravel?

gravelInstall pea gravel or another type of landscaping rock in areas that your dog tends to destroy most often. For example, many people place gravel around the perimeter of their fence, since dogs tend to ‘guard’ this area. You may also want to install it where your dog prefers to dig or urinate.

To improve the aesthetics of your property, consider planting a few carefully placed shrubs, trees, and plants in the soil beneath the gravel. Gravel offers excellent drainage that can help a number of diverse plants thrive, from succulents to palm bushes. You can also create attractive walkways by installing gravel in high-traffic areas.


For the high-quality gravel and landscaping rocks you need for a beautiful, dog-friendly property, turn to Flathead County’s professionals. The contractors from LaSalle Sand & Gravel in Kalispell, MT, have offered the landscaping supplies and services locals need for over 15 years. To learn more about how the team can serve you, call today at (406) 756-9070. 

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