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How to Choose Between Turf, Grass, & Sod July 23, 2018

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
How to Choose Between Turf, Grass, & Sod, Wahiawa, Hawaii

A big decision you’ll need to make while planning commercial landscaping is whether you prefer grass, turf, or sod. They each have benefits and ideal purposes. Here, the staff at Alii Turf, a turfgrass and sod supplier in Wahiawa, HI, share some information about each type.

A Guide to Choosing Your Greenery


Grass is grown in prepared ground from seeds. Depending on the type used, the germination period can take anywhere between a week and a month. The newly seeded lawn needs thorough watering to thrive. This landscaping option works for those who’d like an affordable installation and living greenery. However, it requires an irrigation system and regular care to stay healthy.

Turf & Sod

turfTurf, also known as turfgrass or sod, is a surface layer of earth that contains real grass and its matted roots. Bred especially for dense growth, it’s sold in strips or rolls. When sod is laid down, the result is an instant, beautiful lawn. Because it’s thick, sod helps prevent erosion and reduces water runoff. Like regular grass, it requires watering, mowing, and other typical care. However, it only needs minimal water to thrive and resists pests and disease, which makes it a durable and easy-to-maintain lawn.

The experts at Alii Turf can provide a personalized consultation to help you decide which of these options is best for you. Their locally owned and operated farm provides quality turfgrass and sod for the Hawaiian Islands. No matter which you’d like for your space, they can have it prepared for you to pick up or deliver it to your property. See frequently asked questions on their website to learn more about your options, or call them at (808) 293-8873 to schedule your consultation and receive a quote.

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