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The Importance of Household Surge Suppressors July 27, 2018

Waterloo, Monroe
The Importance of Household Surge Suppressors, Waterloo, Illinois

Whole-home suppressors are designed to protect your appliances and other electronic devices from damage due to power surges. When installed properly, they absorb those currents and redirect them into the ground. While many are familiar with individual surge protectors used to support a few products at a time, the whole-home model is far more effective when you consider just how many products in your house use power outlets. From computers to air conditioners, all of them can benefit from the protective device.

3 Reasons You Need a Whole-Home Surge Suppressor

1. It Starts a Protective Chain

Successful protection from power surges involves more than plugging in a single strip into a single outlet. This can only do so much. A whole-home device is the first line of defense for the entire house and should give you some piece of mind that your electronics won’t fail. You can also install protectors at individual outlets for backup support, which is known as layering. The beauty of the whole-home product is in its flexibility. It protects everything from your air conditioner and furnace to your refrigerator and microwave.

2. It Minimizes Daily Currents

Waterloo, IL air conditionerAlthough power surges are usually associated with outages during thunderstorms, they actually occur in homes all day long. Many of these are internal, meaning they come from some source inside the home. This could be an appliance turning on and off, like the air conditioner or the microwave. Over time, these small starts and stops begin to wear on the circuits, so reduced stress may prolong their life spans. Surges can also occur if the wiring is faulty or if your appliances are undergoing repairs.

3. It Handles Smart Homes

More than ever, homes contain an abundance of electronic devices. It’s no longer limited to a computer and a few household essentials. “Smart” homes, in particular, have raised the bar for homeowners who seek greater efficiency and productivity. To support the many technological products in the home, though, adequate protection is essential. Whole-home suppressors protect those valuable investments, from app-compatible air conditioners to Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators.


A whole-home surge suppressor can protect your air conditioner and furnace from damage, according to the team at Miller Heating & Cooling in Waterloo, IL. The AC and heating repair professionals recognize the value of your investments and want to ensure that they’re protected from damage. When you encounter a problem, you can count on them to resolve it efficiently. Visit their website for more details about the company or give them a call at (618) 939-8594 to schedule an appointment.

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