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4 Signs of an Ear Infection in Children August 10, 2018

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4 Signs of an Ear Infection in Children, Bronx, New York

Ear infections are common among children and often occur after a cold. When kids are sick with a cold, germs can migrate from the back of their throat through the eustachian tube to the middle ear. While these infections usually aren’t serious, they can cause your child discomfort. If your little one is showing any of the following symptoms, it may be necessary to go to a doctor.

A Guide to Children’s Ear Infections

1. Ear Pain

Ear infections can be quite painful. If your child complains about pain in his or her ear, there’s a good chance that your little one has an infection and should visit a doctor. If your child isn’t old enough to speak yet, he or she may be more irritable than usual or cry.

2. Ear Drainage

If your child has an ear infection, you may see yellow or white fluid coming out of their ear. The fluid may also have a foul odor. The drainage is the result of a torn eardrum. Although this drainage can relieve some pressure from the ear, your child will still need to see a doctor.

3. Difficulty Hearing

doctorThe fluid that accumulates behind the eardrum during an ear infection can make it difficult for your child to hear. Fortunately, this typically clears up after the fluid drains away.

4. Loss of Appetite

When there is a lot of pressure in the middle ear, it can inflame the eustachian tube and make it difficult to swallow. Your child may not want to eat that much during an ear infection. This is also a helpful symptom to look out for when your child is too young to speak.


If your child has an ear infection, a doctor can recommend the appropriate treatment. The medical professionals at Morris Park Medical Center in Bronx, NY, provide adult medicine, pediatrics, and walk-in services; they treat every patient with compassion. In addition to providing the necessary care and medications, they will give you valuable information about preventative care. For more information about this medical center, call them at (718)-664-7679 or visit their website.

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