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Why You Should Keep Your Gun Stored in a Safe July 31, 2018

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Why You Should Keep Your Gun Stored in a Safe, Barnesville, Ohio

When you have a firearm, it’s essential to be a safe and responsible owner. One of the first steps to being more responsible is to keep weapons securely stored in a safe or handgun vault, such as a Liberty Safe®, to ensure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Here are a few critical reasons to invest in a safe or vault.

4 Reasons to Keep Firearms in a Safe at Home

1. Unauthorized Use

Storing firearms in a quality Liberty Safe ensures that someone can’t gain access to your gun unless they are authorized to do so. This includes children, teenagers, neighbors, and anyone else in your home. Being irresponsible with gun storage can lead to injury and death, which leaves you accountable for someone using your weapon without permission.

2. Firearm Laws

Liberty SafeMany states are strict about their laws regarding firearm storage, which applies to any gun owner. Even in homes without children, these laws are enforced to protect everyone in the household from a preventable tragedy. While Ohio doesn’t necessarily require guns to be under lock and key, leaving them where children can reach them is a criminal offense.

3. Criminals

You probably purchased your firearm to protect your home and family from intruders, but if you leave your gun out unprotected, you are also making it easier for criminals to grab it before you can. Invest in a Liberty Safe, so you know exactly where your weapon is, making it easier for only you to access it.

4. Insurance Requirements

Some insurance policies require that all weapons are kept in certified safes and vaults. In certain cases when there are many firearms on the property, insurance companies might require multiple safes on the premises so that all weapons are not stored together in one spot. To stay compliant with your policy, check the details laid out in your plan and purchase the correct storage for what you have.


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