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Towing Company Reveals the 3 Most Common Reasons Behind a Dead Car Battery August 6, 2018

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Towing Company Reveals the 3 Most Common Reasons Behind a Dead Car Battery, Byron, Wisconsin

Many car-owners will experience the disappointment of starting their car in the morning, only to find the battery dead. Though a common occurrence, most still don't understand the reasons behind it. That is why Tomah Wrecker Service, a preferred towing company in Tomah, WI, has shared their knowledge. According to them, there are three main causes of this specific auto issue.

Why Your Car Battery Died

1. The Lights Are Left On

Once the engine is turned off, your car lights begin to take energy from the car battery itself. This includes the headlights, fog lights, interior lights, and the like. If sitting in your car for a few minutes after parking, your engine is not likely to be affected. However, if they are left on over the course of several hours, you may be unable to start the car on your next attempt. This most commonly happens overnight. Always check to ensure all lights are switched off before going to bed.

2. The Radio Is in Use

towing companyIt is not uncommon to wait in your vehicle for a friend, family member, or coworker. On a temperate day, you'll likely shut off the engine and roll the windows down. However, if you do, refrain from listening to the radio or using any of the vehicle's accessories. Once again, if the engine is turned off, the radio, air conditioning, and cigarette lighter all pull from the battery. The more accessories in use, the quicker it will drain. If they are needed, it is better to keep the car running while you wait.

3. The Battery Is Old

In some instances, a dead battery is not your fault. Like all other products, it is limited by its lifespan. Most last for approximately five years. However, without proper maintenance, that number may be cut in half. If a dead battery is a common, reoccurring issue for you, visit an auto repair professional to have the unit replaced with a newer model. This will instantly resolve the issue.

There may be a number of reasons behind a dead car battery. If you ever find yourself stranded, call a towing company immediately. Those in Tomah, WI, trust Tomah Wrecker Service. For over 50 years, they have provided top-quality emergency roadside assistance. Available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, you can find help no matter when disaster strikes. They are well-known for being quick, reliable, and affordable, capable of assisting within a 60-mile radius of the city. Learn more about this towing company by visiting their website, or call (608) 372-2550 today.

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