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What You Need to Consider Before Scheduling Well Drilling Service July 27, 2018

Flathead Reservation, Lake
What You Need to Consider Before Scheduling Well Drilling Service, Flathead Reservation, Montana

If local municipalities don’t supply your property with water, installing a well on the land is a perfect way to ensure your family always has access to it. The fixture is a long-term investment, which is why it’s important to take a few considerations into account before scheduling a well drilling appointment. Collecting all of the necessary information beforehand will increase the likelihood that drilling goes smoothly and you are happy with the finished results. 

3 Factors to Consider When It Comes to Well Drilling

1. Household Needs

well drillingHow water will be used in the home will go a long way in determining what type of system is best for your family. If the water will keep everyone hydrated, for example, the well drilling technicians can route the delivery system directly to indoor plumbing. If the well is being used for a handy outdoor water supply to quickly fill pools or other equipment, the technician can recommend techniques to route it to the appliances.

2. Property Boundaries

Groundwater is often used in private wells, as the pumping mechanism can extract it from deep below the earth’s surface. The water moves through rock and sand, which helps filter out pollutants. When deciding where to drill the well, take property boundaries into account. Well drilling too close to the street or filter beds could prove problematic, as motor oil from cars and additional chemicals could have seeped into the ground. You should also know the location of buried septic and sewage equipment to prevent well contamination. 

3. Future Access

Regardless of why you need a water well, you should always be able to easily access the system. Don’t put the well in a confined area, as service trucks might need to pull equipment directly to the fixture for maintenance and repairs. Choose an area out of the way of small children, too, as it will deter them from playing near the well and getting hurt.


If you need fast, efficient well drilling services, Dave and Jay Bick at Ace Drilling in Polson, MT, will make sure your family has clean drinking water in no time. If you are constructing a new home, the brothers at this family-owned business will also plan the layout of the well, so it meets permit criteria and doesn’t interfere with underground utilities. To schedule a well maintenance, drilling, or repair appointment in Lake County, call (406) 883-3300. Visit the company online to see what types of wells and water treatment systems they install, and follow them on Facebook for up-to-date announcements. 

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