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3 Factors to Review on a Used Car's History Report September 10, 2018

Richmond Hill, Queens
3 Factors to Review on a Used Car's History Report, Queens, New York

People purchase used cars primarily to save money. However, they can end up spending more than they would on a new vehicle if they neglect to review its history report. This document contains critical information to help car buyers make informed decisions. Evaluate the factors below when looking over this report.

3 Red Flags to Look for in a Car’s History Report

1. Number of Previous Owners

Unless you’re buying a classic car, avoid vehicles with multiple previous owners. This may signify underlying mechanical or performance issues. The amount of care a vehicle receives also tends to diminish with each subsequent owner.

2. Accident & Theft Records

used carsUsed cars that have been involved in accidents or have been stolen may have had parts replaced or have significant bodywork. However, you might never know without reviewing the history report. If it’s detailed enough, you can research the auto repair shop the previous owner used to assess the quality of the work.

3. Service Record

Almost all commercially sold vehicles come with recommendations from the manufacturer on when to have it serviced. Routine maintenance typically includes oil changes, tune-ups, wheel alignment, tire rotation, and more. Steer clear of cars whose reports don’t reflect regular service. They may have underlying mechanical issues that won’t be readily apparent.


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