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Why Should You Choose Cedar For Your Wooden Playset? August 1, 2018

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Why Should You Choose Cedar For Your Wooden Playset?, Urbandale, Iowa

For decades, placing a wooden playset in the backyard has been a go-to method for parents to encourage their children to play outside. But have you ever considered how the type of wood will affect your family’s experience? As the team at Backyard Adventures of Iowa in Urbandale, IA, explains, choosing equipment built with cedar wood can have a greater impact than you might think.


wooden playsetAn outdoor wooden playset is exposed to all kinds of environmental dangers, from heavy rains to insects. Yet cedar’s unique properties enable it to resist damage and deterioration that would rot other wood types.

Because cedar grows in damp areas, the trees have naturally evolved to resist fungus, insects, and other threats. Cedar actually repels insects like termites, rather than attracting them. The wood’s weather resistance also makes it less likely to crack, warp, or shrink, preventing splintered fingers and the need for extra maintenance.


Cedar’s distinctive beauty makes it a great fit for any backyard. Unique knots and patterns give these wooden playsets a more natural appearance that allows them to blend seamlessly with your landscaping—and the use of non-toxic materials ensures your pre-existing plant life won’t suffer from having a playset nearby.

Cedar wood is also notable for its pleasant smell—part of the reason why scented cedar blocks are so popular. Though your kids may not be too interested in how a playset looks or smells, these attributes can greatly enhance the appeal for Mom and Dad.

With cedar’s distinct advantages, it should come as no surprise that each wooden playset from Backyard Adventures of Iowa is built from this quality wood. With a wide selection of playsets and outdoor furniture available at affordable prices, it’s never been easier to get your family to enjoy the backyard! To learn more about available products and current sales at Backyard Adventures of Iowa, visit them online or call (515) 270-2433.

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