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3 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling July 27, 2018

Moss Bay, Seattle East
3 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling, Seattle East, Washington

Buying and selling homes isn’t an easy business. The market is in a constant flux, and whether you’re a seasoned or first-time buyer or seller, you’re going to face challenges. Marketing, paperwork, negotiating, and more all require expertise, which is why it’s best to have a real estate agent on your team. They have the knowledge to navigate through the intricacies, and most importantly, get the best results from the transaction.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

1. Marketing Savvy

Competition can be fierce in the real estate market. When you sell a home, you have to make it stand out, which isn’t easy online. A real estate agent will be familiar with all the tips and tricks to bring your home to the forefront on listing sites and can also advise on creating a digital and print advertising campaign. For buyers, they’ll know how to read between the lines with properties you’re interested in, ultimately saving time and helping you find ones that are worthwhile.

2. Knowledge of the Process

real-estate-agent-sothebys-international-realtyBuying and selling require numerous legal transactions, piles of paperwork, and other formalities that can be overwhelming. Forgetting to file something can hold up the process or even leave you stuck dealing with a contingency you missed. A real estate agent will be familiar with every step of the process and know where to avoid pitfalls, how to expedite transactions, and ensure the best results are reached.

3. Resources

Buying and selling require a lot of research. You need to be sure you’re accurately depicting your home, have all your inspection and maintenance paperwork handy, and can answer any questions buyers have. Likewise, buyers want to know home histories and all the important details beneath the surface, like the integrity of home systems and any concerns about the property. A real estate agent knows where to find these answers and has access to databases and coworkers that can help with research. This can be powerful during negotiations and for ensuring everything is marketed correctly.


Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty is one of the most recognizable names in luxury real estate. Real estate agent Eddie Chang of Kirkland, WA, has helped homeowners throughout King County find their dream home and get the best returns on their sales. Whether you’re looking for luxury homes for sale or simply need real estate guidance, he brings the expertise necessary to help you throughout the process. Call (425) 922-7136 today to schedule a consultation, and visit his website and Facebook page to learn more about his expertise.

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