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The Basics of Different Math Disciplines August 2, 2018

Lorton, Fairfax County
The Basics of Different Math Disciplines, Lorton, Virginia

There are many branches in the mathematical world, and all offer different applications to be used in real life. Math goes beyond adding and subtracting, and is in the world around us every day. To gain a better understanding of what higher levels provide, the math tutoring experts of Mathnasium┬« of Lorton in Lorton, VA, break down the FAQ of the major areas of math.

The Facts & Uses of Higher Levels of Math

What Is Algebra?

Algebra is the study of variables, functions, equations, and the applicable rules used in association with those concepts. Unknown quantities are represented by letters and symbols to solve the equation. The rules for solving algebraic equations are most often applied to other higher math disciplines. Many fields use algebra, including business, banking, civil engineering, fitness, medicine, and cooking.

How Is Geometry Used?

math tutoringGeometry is the study of shapes and sizes as well as distance, length, location, volume, and other information regarding planes. People use geometry every day, with simple calculations to measure an area in the home to astronomers figuring out the distance between celestial bodies. Architects, clothing designers, and artists also employ the concepts to create their work.

How Is Calculus Utilized in the Real World?

Calculus studies conditions of continuous change and the impact on functions. Typically, it is divided into differential calculus and integral calculus. Differential emphasizes the rate of change and slope of continuous functions, which can be used by scientists studying the growth rate of microorganisms like bacteria. Integral is often used by architects and consists of figuring out the accumulation of materials and areas under curves. Engineers of all disciplines also rely on calculus for their job.

Serving Lorton and southern Fairfax County since 2014, Mathnasium of Lorton has provided math tutoring to students of all ages, helping them improve their skills and build confidence in various areas of mathematics. Their professional team will assess each child in their care to ensure students understand concepts to boost grades and prepare them for their future. When your child needs help with math, call (703) 690-6284, or visit the math tutoring team online to learn more about their focus areas, including calculus, geometry, and algebra tutoring.