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Replace a Corroded Metal Door Jamb in 4 Steps August 2, 2018

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Replace a Corroded Metal Door Jamb in 4 Steps, Brighton, Michigan

A little corrosion on your steel door jamb doesn’t mean the end for the whole door. Nor even for the whole jamb — corrosion is a localized phenomenon. That means that you can simply cut out the affected area. With the right replacement piece, you can bring it back to working condition. Door Innovation produces easy-to-install door Jamb Patches for any size project. Here’s how they work.

4 Steps to Replacing a Corroded Steel Door Jamb

1. Make a Cut Line

Look for rusty, discolored, or warped areas along your door. These conditions indicate corrosion, or an increased susceptibility to it. Using a pencil or marker, make a clear, straight line well above where the discoloration ends — since corrosion spreads, it’s important to give it a wide berth. The line should be thick and easily visible, as it will guide your cutting.

2. Cut Out the Corrosion

Jamb Patches Brighton MICorrosion can be sharp, flaky, and unsanitary, so put on gloves and safety goggles before handling it. A corroded door of average thickness can be cut with a putty knife, while tougher materials may require an electrical saw. Keep your blade as straight as possible while cutting. After the corroded metal is removed, use an electric sander to prepare the wall for the patch.

3. Install Your Jamb Patch

Slide the Jamb Patch under the remaining section of your door jamb. Each Jamb Patch comes with a sleeve that extends up into the remainder of the jamb. Lock the patch in using the fasteners and secure it with an electric screwdriver. Use your electric sander again to grind down the screws.

4. Smooth It Over

At this point, you’ve completed the repair — the new jamb is perfectly functional but doesn’t look consistent. First, seal the cracks and empty spaces with Bondo®. Once it’s been applied evenly, paint the whole jamb one color. Take a look at your “new” jamb — it hardly cost you anything!

When you’ve had enough of your corroded door jamb letting in outdoor air and pests, give Door Innovation a call. Their pre- and custom-sized Jamb Patches are the perfect way to get your metal door back without the high cost. Call them today at (810) 227-7111 or visit their website.