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3 Reasons You Need a Criminal Lawyer When You've Been Charged With a Crime July 31, 2018

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3 Reasons You Need a Criminal Lawyer When You've Been Charged With a Crime, London, Kentucky

Individuals accused of crimes have important decisions to make, starting with whether to hire a criminal lawyer. Experienced criminal attorneys offer various services that benefit their clients during the process. Here are a few reasons why people facing criminal charges need attorneys.

What a Criminal Lawyer Can Do for You

1. Negotiate Plea Deals

criminal lawyerMost criminal cases are resolved through plea bargaining. When appropriate, skilled criminal attorneys negotiate deals with prosecutors. The prosecuting and defense attorneys might reach agreements to dismiss multiple charges in exchange for a client’s guilty plea to a single or less-serious charge. Clients might have felony charges reduced to misdemeanors or avoid jail time by paying a fine or making restitution.

2. Tailor Sentencing Programs for Clients

Criminal lawyers are familiar with local sentencing alternatives that help their clients. For example, voluntary enrollment in treatment programs to address addictions or domestic violence issues can result in favorable sentencing terms. Attorneys often advocate for clients to participate in diversion programs or informal probationary periods that lead to case dismissals. By pursuing such alternatives, lawyers help clients save time and money and avoid the negative effects of criminal convictions.    

3. Provide Wise & Comforting Counsel

Lawyers help their clients understand how the criminal justice system works and what to expect. As counselors, attorneys provide clients with valuable wisdom and knowledge about the law, procedure, and local court customs. While they cannot guarantee case outcomes, experienced and compassionate lawyers help relieve their clients’ feelings of fear and uncertainty. 


Criminal prosecutors have the power and resources of the government behind them. If you are charged with a crime, the experienced criminal lawyers at Hodge Law Firm in London, KY, offer the knowledge, skill, and passion you need. They have a track record of successful outcomes in motions, negotiations, and trials and will zealously represent your interests at all times. Call (606) 864-3004 to arrange a confidential appointment with a dedicated attorney, or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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