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Traveling to Europe? Don't Miss These 3 Tips Before Your Trip August 21, 2018

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Traveling to Europe? Don't Miss These 3 Tips Before Your Trip, Brighton, New York

Most Americans dream of visiting Europe at least once in their lives. Whether you’re fantasizing about London, Rome, or Berlin, there are few details you should know before packing your bags. According to the travel agents at DiMaria Travel Agency of Rochester, NY, there are a few ways to get the most out of your trip to this beautiful, culture-filled continent.

What to Know Before You Travel to Europe

1. Plan a Trip During the Off-Season

If you’re looking to make the most out of your European vacation, be prepared to pinch pennies in whatever ways you can. From flights to multiple-course dinners, expenses can add up quickly. The best way to lower prices is to book a trip during the locale’s off-season. If you travel in the early spring or late fall instead of the summer, you’ll miss elevated prices, massive crowds, and long lines. Plus, you’ll enjoy cheaper prices once you’ve reached the destination, as local merchants will be trying to attract as much business as they can.

2. Go Off on Your Own

travelWhile you probably don’t want to miss major landmarks like the Coliseum or the Louvre, it pays to leave some parts of the itinerary open for spontaneous exploration. If you let yourself stray from the beaten path, you’ll escape the tourist traps and discover another captivating side of the city. If you’re traveling with loved ones, use this opportunity to make memories, not just catch photo ops.

3. Walk or Use the Train

You can easily get to other major cities by taking a quick train ride—no airports required! When you’re in a city, walk instead of taking a car to get from place to place. You may even do more sightseeing along the way and have more opportunities to interact with the locals.

If you’re craving a getaway this summer, work with the friendly team at DiMaria Travel Agency. They’ll handle all the details of your transportation and lodging and offer tips for where to travel, what to skip, and the habits and etiquette of the locals. For more information about the agency, visit the website or call (585) 271-0100.

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