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Think You Don't Like Seafood? 3 Ways to Make It Tasty August 3, 2018

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
Think You Don't Like Seafood? 3 Ways to Make It Tasty, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Seafood can be a powerful flavor in any dish. However, there are some subtle, yet delicious, ways to start incorporating it into your diet. Here are a few ideas on how to eat more seafood, courtesy of your local family restaurant. 

How to Learn to Love Seafood

Start With Shellfish

As a general rule, most shellfish typically has a milder flavor than other fish fillets. Start with shrimp, crab, or lobster, each of which is light—especially when paired with a delectable garlic butter dipping sauce. If you like what you taste, you might want to give scallops and mussels a try next. 

Cook With Herbs & Spices

seafoodWhen you prepare seafood at home, make sure you season it with a healthy shake of fragrant herbs and savory spices. Tilapia is a good fish for beginners, since it has a naturally delicate flavor and easily absorbs seasonings. Pan fry it with olive oil, black pepper, basil, and lemon for a clean and refreshing seafood dish that is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. 

Use It in Your Favorite Recipes

Another great way to acclimate yourself to seafood is by swapping it out for the meats in your other favorite dishes. For instance, you might substitute the beef or chicken in curries and soups for catfish, flounder, or haddock. You may also want to grill up a hearty tuna or swordfish steak instead of a ribeye, or fry salmon burgers to serve with all the regular fixings.


When you’re ready to try fish dishes that will change your whole outlook on seafood, head on down to Desoto's Seafood Kitchen with friends and family. This Gulf Shores restaurant serves a variety of appetizers, entrees, and specials that will satisfy just about any palate. Call them at (251) 948-7294 to make a lunch or dinner reservation for your party. Check out their website to view their complete menu and find out more information. 

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