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3 Signs You May Need Surgical Bunion Treatment July 31, 2018

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3 Signs You May Need Surgical Bunion Treatment, Fairfield, Connecticut

Bunions are bony protrusions found at the base of the big toe’s joint. They can result from genetic factors, wearing certain types of shoes, arthritis, or poor foot structure. No matter the cause, however, there comes a time when bunion treatment can no longer be put off. If you’ve tried approaches such as altering your footwear or buying cushion pads, it may be time to consider surgery. Here are three reasons you should consider operation for bunion removal.

3 Indications You’re a Candidate for Surgical Bunion Treatment

1. Limited Mobility

If the movement of your toes has become restricted, it’s a likely sign the bunion is only going to worsen. A bunion should never sideline you from activities such as walking or running. Limited mobility could also wind up impacting your gait, which has a cumulative effect on the rest of your body. To keep the rest of your joints healthy, see a foot doctor when your movement has become restricted.

2. Chronic Inflammation

bunion treatmentBunions often lead to swelling in the big toe and surrounding area. While minimal swelling may be bearable, take note if the swelling is severe or is accompanied by pain. Sometimes, staying off your feet and taking anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce the inflammation. If it persists, however, more invasive treatment may be warranted.

3. Severe Deformity

Some bunions are more pronounced than others. If you have a visible deformity which is worsening instead of getting better, now is the time to pursue more advanced treatment options. Left unaddressed, the bunion can worsen to the point at which the big toe crosses over the others. This can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and restricted movement, so don’t wait to address the condition.


If you’re suffering from a persistent bunion, foot care specialist Louise E. Tortora, DPM can help. Based in Fairfield, CT, this podiatrist specializes in bunion treatment in the form of therapeutic support and surgery. She and her staff take a patient-oriented approach to ensure the best treatment is provided based on your precise needs and your condition’s level of severity. To set up a consultation, call (203) 254-0093 or visit the office’s website for more information.

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