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How Pets Can Affect Your Plumbing July 24, 2018

Norwalk, Fairfield County
How Pets Can Affect Your Plumbing, Norwalk, Connecticut

Pets can cause a lot of issues to indoor plumbing. Whether it’s from bathing them in the upstairs bathtub or dogs that like to dig in the backyard, neglecting to adhere to professional recommendations could lead to expensive repairs. As the leading drain service in Fairfield and New Haven counties, All-Star Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning understands this dilemma and offers these solutions.

How to Prevent Pets From Causing Plumbing Issues

Purchase a Drain Catcher

One of the leading problems that drain services get called for is clogged drains, which is largely due to the amount of hair that pets have. The material collects in the water and is released down the drain, building up within the pipes until an impassable clog is formed. Purchase a drain catcher and position it over the opening before drawing the bath. This will keep the hair above ground where it can be easily cleaned.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Another issue that may develop is punctured pipes. Puppies and kittens have the tendency to chew on everything in sight and will most likely go after the exposed pipes in the bathroom. This will wear down the material to a point where you could be dealing with extensive water damage. Wrap the pipes with a tough material to protect them from sharp teeth and give your pets plenty of chew toys to keep them distracted.

Install Chicken Wire

drain serviceOutdoor sewer lines might also present a problem. Many of these are located only two feet below the ground and could be suddenly exposed by dogs who like to dig — which might lead to a flooded yard. Keep your pets from digging where they’re not supposed to by installing a layer of chicken wire below the topsoil and above the sewer line. This will deter their efforts and encourage them to dig elsewhere.

Maintain the condition of your plumbing with the help of All-Star Rooter. After over 30 years of providing exceptional drain service throughout southwest Connecticut, this locally-owned company is recognized for their honesty and competitive rates. They pride themselves in implementing the industry’s latest drain cleaning solutions and provide detailed video sewer inspections that lead to successful results. Call (203) 286-4498 to speak with a staff member or visit their website for additional information about scheduling a drain service appointment.

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