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Do You Need to Stretch Before Exercising? July 24, 2018

Caldwell, Essex County
Do You Need to Stretch Before Exercising? , Caldwell, New Jersey

Massage therapists work with athletes regularly to soothe sore muscles and support a healthy musculoskeletal system. As experts on muscle tension and joint pain, they’re often asked how to avoid injuries while exercising. If you’re looking for ways to improve your performance and conditioning, here are a few reasons why massage therapists recommend stretching. 

Why Should You Stretch Before a Workout?

1. Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Massage TherapistSudden, high-impact movements can strain stiff muscles and joints. By stretching before you begin training, you’ll increase your range of motion and warm up muscles so they’re loose and prepared for exertion. Your workout performance will improve, and you’ll protect your body from unnecessary injuries. 

2. Boost Performance

Habitual stretching improves muscle and joint flexibility over time, providing a wider range of motion that requires less effort on your part. As a result, your body will be ready for activity, and you’ll be able to complete movements with greater efficiency. If you’re a runner, for example, flexibility can help you complete faster and longer treks.

3. Prevent Muscle Soreness

Following a big workout, lactic acid builds up in tired muscles, which results in soreness the following day. For many athletes, rest days are infrequent, leading to overexertion. Stretching exercises, in combination with massage therapy, relieve soreness, elongate muscles to break up lactic acid, and help your body recover after exercise. 


LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa in Caldwell, NJ, provides holistic, individualized care that focuses on healing the body and relieving neck and back pain. If you’re an athlete looking for an experienced massage therapist, Dr. John de Hoyos, DPT, and his team are ready to assist. Call (973) 228-0072 today to schedule your first appointment. You can also visit their website for more information about the massage therapist and his lifestyle approach to wellness.

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