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5 Warning Signs You Need Anger Management Help July 26, 2018

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5 Warning Signs You Need Anger Management Help , Rochester, New York

In certain situations, anger is a natural emotional response. In some cases, it may even help you identify threats or discover motivation to overcome a problem. However, when the emotion is felt intensely and on a regular basis, it could be a sign of a mental health issue that requires professional care. If you’re worried about these feelings, here are a few signs that you could benefit from anger management help.  

When to Seek Anger Management Help

1. Violent Outbursts

People with anger management issues tend to get more upset at situations than other people would. In some cases, they may erupt in violent outbursts, breaking objects or committing domestic abuse. If you experience these episodes on a regular basis—especially as a result of insignificant events—it’s in your best interest to speak to a therapist.

2. Feelings of Resentment

If you harbor grudges against people for long periods of time, you may have trouble letting go of anger. Over time, these negative feelings build and cause your overall mood to intensify. Mental health counseling can help you discover healthy ways to release and balance harmful emotions.

3. Issues Taking Criticism 

anger management helpThose with anger issues generally feel like they are “always right,” threatened, or in a situation that cannot be fixed; as such, they are less likely to listen to suggestions from others. Next time someone offers criticism, take note of how you respond. Did you react intensely and negatively? If so, there’s a chance you may need anger management help.

4. Anxiety & Depression

Ongoing anger can cause an individual to believe that they have no control over anything in their lives. As time passes, this helplessness contributes to greater feelings of anxiety or depression. Even if those ensuing conditions don’t seem to connect to anger, you’ll benefit from having a trusted mental health professional assess the situation.

5. Suppressed Feelings

It’s not always appropriate to share thoughts of anger—such as when you’re around kids or at work. However, if you’re constantly hiding these emotions, you may be in denial of a problem that others have already suggested. Rather than trying to prove yourself right by concealing anger, it’s better to recognize emotions as they occur and seek professional help when problematic patterns develop.


Anger can seem like an insurmountable obstacle to overcome. But with the support of a trusted therapist at White Spruce Counseling, you can navigate the process with confidence. Dedicated to client comfort, this Rochester, NY, professional will listen to your concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan to address anger and any related issues, including substance abuse, PTSD, and domestic violence. To learn more about getting anger management help, visit the mental health counseling provider online. Call (585) 424-2436 today to schedule an appointment.

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