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Why Children Need Quality Foot Care July 24, 2018

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Why Children Need Quality Foot Care , Fairfield, Connecticut

When people think of a podiatrist’s waiting room, they usually imagine middle-aged and senior patients. Although this might sound like the crowd that was waiting at your last appointment, parents everywhere are realizing the benefits of taking their children to the podiatrist. Here, Louise E. Tortora, DPM explains how kids at any age can benefit from quality foot care.

For Young Athletes 

foot careEnrolling your kids in sports may be the perfect way to help them get plenty of exercise, but daily practices and frequent games can be demanding on their little feet. To reduce the risk of serious injury, take your child to the podiatrist at the start of every season. After evaluating his or her feet, the foot doctor will recommend the best cleats, skates, sneakers, or insoles to compensate for any weakened or vulnerable areas. This will ensure your child has adequate arch support in the coming months and is therefore less likely to spend time on the bench nursing a sprained or strained foot. 

For Growing Kids 

Even kids who don’t play sports can benefit from quality foot care. Since children’s feet are still growing, they are prone to damage caused by trauma and ill-fitting shoes. At periodical intervals, a podiatrist can examine their feet and note any concerns or abnormalities. Correcting these minor issues before they turn into serious problems can prevent permanent damage to the feet. 

If you want to schedule a podiatrist appointment for your child, turn to Louise E. Tortora, DPM. Based in Fairfield, CT, this practice provides comprehensive foot care for patients of all ages. From custom orthotics to bunion treatment, Dr. Tortora offers everything patients need to achieve lasting comfort and maintain mobility. Visit the practice online or call (203) 254-0093 to request an appointment today. 

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