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Top Tips for Selecting a Cremation Urn July 24, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
Top Tips for Selecting a Cremation Urn, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

These days, many people are choosing cremation for their deceased loved ones. There may be symbolic, personal, or financial reasons for this; regardless, if you’ve settled on cremation in your funeral arrangements, it’s important to thoroughly contemplate the particulars of what sort of urn you will use to store the ashes of the deceased. Here are a few details to consider.

4 Factors When Choosing a Cremation Urn

1. The Plan for the Urn 

cremationWhether you’ll be displaying the urn in your home, burying it in a casket, or doing something else with it, where it will be placed will impact your selection. For example, if it will be buried and remain unseen, you may opt for a simpler design that’s more affordable. Though, if you want to showcase it at home over the fireplace, something aesthetically pleasing would be more appropriate.  

2. The Deceased’s Preferences 

An urn’s design, whether traditional or modern, should reflect the tastes of the deceased. Likewise, these vessels are an opportunity to showcase their passions or a quote they lived by. The former could be represented by a tree visual on the urn.  

3. Material Choices

Urns can be made from a wide variety of substances, from stone or pewter to brass inlaid with silver and gold. The material you select will have an impact on the price of the unit as well as its durability.  

4. Urn Sizes

A general size rule is that cremation produces one cubic inch of ash for every pound of pre-cremated body mass. When ordering an urn, make sure to select one that’s large enough to fit your needs. It doesn’t hurt to purchase a larger size than what you suspect is required. 


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