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The Best Times to Savor Homemade Soup July 24, 2018

Oconto, Oconto
The Best Times to Savor Homemade Soup, Oconto, Wisconsin

Much like the smoothie of savory foods, homemade soup is an excellent way to fit a variety of nutritious foods into one easy, delicious concoction. In fact, according to the staff at Wayne's Family Restaurant in Oconto, WI, there are plenty of occasions that call for this liquid delicacy. If you haven’t had soup in a while, consider the following list of reasons to indulge in a bowl.

3 Instances When Homemade Soup Hits the Spot

1. When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Soup is one of the most easily accessible comfort foods, which means it’s perfect on days when you’re feeling sick. The common cold is often soothed with high fluid intake, and as a liquid, soup is perfect for staying hydrated. Warm foods are also comfortable for a sore throat and congestion, as the steam can clear out the sinuses. If you’re feeling under the weather, cuddle up with a bowl of soup to get well soon.

2. When the Weather Isn’t Ideal

homemade soupIn some cases, the weather outside may be the one that’s down and out. If it’s cloudy, rainy, or just plain cold, you’ll probably crave the warmth of a hot meal and fuzzy blanket. If you’re hungry, a warm bowl of homemade soup will fit the bill. For a hearty treat, try creamy soups like tomato or lobster bisque.

3. When You’re Watching Your Waistline

While it’s a satisfying comfort food, soup is also an excellent way to reduce your calorie intake. By opting for clear soups instead of creamy ones, such as those made with chicken or beef broth, you can get all the protein necessary to feel full while still staying hydrated. Plus, many soups incorporate vegetables, which are an excellent way to stay fit without going hungry.

Whether you’re in the mood for a rich, creamy bowl or a light brothy soup, Wayne's Family Restaurant will deliver. They go above and beyond to make their patrons feel at home, and by ordering homemade soup, you’ll double the comfort of your dining experience. In addition to delicious cups and bowls, they also offer mouthwatering entrees and desserts. For more information on their menu, visit the website or call (920) 835-4262.