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3 Tips to Prevent Posture-Related Back Pain at Work July 24, 2018

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3 Tips to Prevent Posture-Related Back Pain at Work, Platteville, Wisconsin

Back pain can be caused by a number of factors, but one of the most common offenders is poor posture. Because most people spend an ample amount of time at work, healthy posture habits should start at their desk. The professionals at Chiropractic Associates of Platteville in Wisconsin have some expert-level tips to share for improving posture and keeping discomfort at bay while at the office.

3 Ways to Avoid Back Pain by Improving Posture at Work

1. Perfect Your Sitting Pose

When seated, your spine should be straight with your weight distributed evenly on both hips. Your feet should be at a right angle and planted flat on the floor. The neck should be elongated and your shoulders should be back—not hunched up. If this position feels uncomfortable or is difficult to maintain with your office furniture, consider placing a pillow behind your back for support.

2. Take Periodic Breaks

back painSitting in the same position for hours at a time can cause stiffness in the joints and contribute to back pain. To promote flexibility and mobility, take periodic breaks throughout the day. Implement simple stretches like neck rolls and arm reaches at 20-minute intervals. Be sure to stand up fully at least once every hour. If possible, incorporate some short walk breaks into your day as well.

3. Position Your Desk Appropriately

Another way to facilitate proper seated alignment is to make sure the objects on your desk are positioned appropriately. Your keyboard and mouse should be within a comfortable reach, where you can keep arms at a 90-degree angle and avoid straining or stretching to use them. Any other objects you regularly use, such as the desk phone, should also be nearby. To avoid straining your neck, keep your monitor at a comfortable height and distance. You should be able to look at the center of the screen when sitting up straight.

If you still experience persistent back pain, even after improving your posture, don’t wait to seek out professional help. The specialists at Chiropractic Associates of Platteville excel in addressing back and neck pain through tailored treatments designed to restore your comfort levels and quality of life. To learn more about their unique approach to healing, visit their website, or call (608) 348-3156 today to schedule an appointment. 

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