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4 Common Claims an Insurance Agency Handles in the Summer August 15, 2018

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4 Common Claims an Insurance Agency Handles in the Summer, Fairbanks, Alaska

The claims an insurance agency sees can vary with the seasons. When buying a policy, it’s important to work with agents like the ones at The Dunlap Agency who understand seasonal needs and can match you with the right coverage for your needs. Here are a few common claims to consider this summer.

Summer Hazards to Be Aware Of

1. Grill Fires

Summer is the ideal time to host a barbecue; but it can also be an ideal time for forest fires. Grills are a prime fire risk, especially if left unattended. Make sure the burners and propane are shut off when you’re finished using your gas grill. For charcoal varieties, remember to fully extinguish the flames, and check for any remaining embers before going inside for the night. 

2. Pool-Related Liability

insurance agencyHot weather means cooling off in the pool—but having one is a big responsibility. Make sure you have a locked gate that prevents small children from getting in unaccompanied. Wet decks are also a slipping hazard. Know your state’s pool regulations to protect yourself and those around you.

3. Motorcycle Accidents

The occurrence of motorcycle accidents rises in the summer, especially on Memorial, Independence, and Labor Day. Bikers should always have proper coverage, but it’s wise to review your policy with the insurance agency to make sure you’re ready for the season.

4. Home Break-Ins

Taking a summer vacation leaves homes vulnerable to break-ins. Have a neighbor or friend check in on the house regularly, keep the lights on a timer, and avoid posting about the trip on social media, so you don’t advertise the empty home. If you don’t know how much coverage you have for home break-ins, ask your agent at The Dunlap Agency for more information before hitting the road.


The Dunlap Agency has been offering commercial and personal insurance products in Fairbanks, AK, since 1986. The seasoned agents know how to match customers with the right policy to meet their needs, and they provide impeccable customer care to make the buying process easy. If you need to protect your home, vehicle, or business, call the insurance agency today at (907) 456-5202 today or request a quote online.

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