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How to Install Your Jamb Patch: 5 Easy Steps October 23, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
How to Install Your Jamb Patch: 5 Easy Steps, Brighton, Michigan

Corroded metal door frames used to present business owners with a difficult decision. (Repair or replace the frame) Replacing a metal door is costly and time-consuming, especially when only a small part of the door is corroded. That’s why Door Innovation created the Jamb Patch. Repair the corroded section with the Jamb Patch and bring your corroded door back to like new condition in a fraction of time compared to replacing the frame and at a fraction of the cost Here’s how it works.

5 Easy Steps to a Working Door

1) Prepare to Remove the Corroded Jamb

TheJamb Patch first step is to remove the corrosion on your metal door jamb. Make a cut line on the frame, using your Jamb Patch as a reference gauge: just lean it against your door jamb and make a pencil line along its top. This marking will help guide you as you remove the corrosion. Don’t worry if your a little crooked the Jamb Patch sleeve is designed to help you hide that.

2) Remove the Corrosion

Use an angle grinder or electric saw to cut along the line you’ve made. Wear thick gloves: corroded metal can be sharp. Use a razor blade to cut away the caulk. Use a hammer and chisel to chip away any left over masonary material from behind the old frame.

3) Apply the Jamb Patch

This is the easy part! Just slide the Jamb Patch in where you removed the rusty portion of the frame. Slide the sleeve up behind the existing frame section and tighten the small screws to lock the sleeve in place..

4) Time To Secure It

Drill the hole for your anchor bolt. Insert the anchor bolt and tighten slightly. Place shims as needed behind the Jamb Patch to align it with the existing frame. Finish tightening down the anchor bolt.

5) Make It Dissapear

Fill all of the joints with a material such as bondo. Sand the bondo to give your frame a smooth finish and to blend the old frame with the new Jamb Patch. Prime and paint the frame to make your opening look like new. A Jamb Patch repair is indistinguishable from your original door frame and costs far less than replacing it.

Door Innovation’s Jamb Patch helps business owners across the country repair their corroded metal door frames quickly and affordably. If corrosion is letting the elements into your business, call Door Innovation or visit their website today to get your door frame back!