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Mice and Roach prevention May 19, 2015

Susan B. Anthony, Rochester
Mice and Roach prevention, Rochester, New York

Any place that has many different people storing their property in one location has the potential to have problems with mice or roaches. The issue is that you can’t control what your neighbor puts into their storage. Ask any storage facility manager if they have ever had a problem with pest control at one time or another and the honest answer will be yes. As a consumer you want to make sure that you know that preventative measures are being taken on a regular basis. All storage facilities should have an ongoing relationship with a professional exterminator. Don’t hesitate to broach this subject with the manager before you sign a rental agreement.

When you store items the only food you can keep there is canned goods, no exceptions. Should you have a pest problem where you live, don’t bring the issue with you to your storage, resolve it at home before you move. Protect your most important items with sturdy plastic containers and talk to your insurance company before you store your items and confirm that you are protected.