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No Appointment Needed And Walk-Ins Welcome For Apple Mac® And Apple iPhone® Support At Local Store July 14, 2018

Downtown Akron, Akron
No Appointment Needed And Walk-Ins Welcome For Apple Mac®  And Apple iPhone® Support At Local Store, Akron, Ohio

Need An Apple Store® Appointment? A local store offers you an alternative for MacBook® and iPhone® support.

I recently made a trip to the Apple Store® thinking that I’d made a Genius Bar® appointment online to get my MacBook Pro repaired.  Once there, I found out that my appointment was for a different day! Shame on me…and unfortunately I was told that I’d have to wait an hour and forty-five minutes and that over the next two hours they had fourteen appointments for Mac® service and support.

I’m not sure what your last trip to the Apple Store® entailed but as popular as the Apple® devices are, and the recent challenges with MacBook Pro® keyboards and upgrades with the iPhone iOS®, the Genius Bar certainly is a busy place these days.  Fortunately, I discovered a local store, Experimac Akron, that is a great place for support on older Macs including the MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air®, iMac®, Mac Mini®, iPads®, and iPhones®.

In a conversation with the Experimac store manager, Bert Griggs, he mentioned, “We recently had a customer come in from the Akron, OH area who had just visited the Apple Store® at Summit Mall, because their 2011 MacBook Pro had begun to operate extremely slow and would frequently show the “spinning rainbow”. The option given from Apple® was to back up their data and purchase a new MacBook Pro®. This customer still loved having a selection of ports and the DVD drive on their computer. To their surprise, we were able to affordably upgrade their RAM and hard drive, migrate their data and have their vintage MacBook Pro® running, like-new, at a fraction of the cost of the new MacBook Pro®.”

In another situation he explained, “We have customers that come from Fairlawn, Bath, and even Cuyahoga Falls and Barberton, that don’t want to wait at the Apple Store® in Fairlawn, OH. With Experimac conveniently located in West Akron close to Montrose-Ghent and Fairlawn, many Apple® users would probably need to drive near or past the Wallhaven area to get to the Apple Store®.” As he went on to explain, they also had an iPhone 7® customer that needed their broken cell phone screen replaced and couldn’t wait. With no appointment required Experimac was able to support this walk-in customer and get the phone repaired in under an hour.

Besides repairs Experimac is a safe place to buy, trade, and sell used, vintage Apple products. Their show room has refurbished and used MacBook® laptops, iMac® desktops, iPads® and iPhones®. With the back to school sale season approaching, buying a used or refreshed MacBook Pro® or MacBook Air® can save a student, and their parents, 25-40% versus the price of buying a new computer.

So if you’re in the Akron, Medina or Summit County areas or shopping in Montrose, and are looking for a great deal on a used refurbished Mac® or are in need of a repair or upgrade you’ve got a great alternative at Experimac Akron.

Experimac Akron
1706 W. Market St. Akron OH 44313
Tel: 234-334-5006


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