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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Desktop or Laptop July 31, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Desktop or Laptop, Brighton, New York

When you need a new computer, there are a few questions to ask, such as whether you need a Mac or PC, or a custom built computer versus standard models. You’ll also need to decide between a laptop and desktop. Here are a few factors to help you make the best choice.

How to Decide Between a Laptop & Desktop

1. Price

If you compare a laptop and a desktop with similar specs, the laptop is going to be more expensive. Fitting advanced computing power into a smaller space requires more advanced, costly technology. If you have a limited budget, then a desktop is the best option. 

2. Portability

A laptop is better ​​​if you travel a lot, need to move the computer between work and home, or want to use it during your commute. You may even want to look into tablet options for ultimate portability.

3. Screen Size

Custom Built ComputerA large screen is a must for gaming, media, or graphic design, which is a major perk of desktops. You can even set up the work station with multiple monitors for more screen area.

4. Flexibility

If you want to reconfigure a custom built computer after you purchase it, go with a desktop. Their larger cases offer more potential for moving, exchanging, and adding components to improve performance.

5. ​​​​​​​Power Usage

A state-of-the-art custom built computer can use a significant amount of power—especially if it’s a desktop. Laptops are usually optimized for less electricity use and are a popular choice for people who don’t want a high electric bill. 


Whether you’re looking for a business laptop or a high-performance gaming computer, Microworx in Rochester, NY, has what you need. With 25 years in the business, this experienced, knowledgeable PC builder offers a range of options for everyone from computer novices to advanced coders. To learn more about their Lenovo laptops or discuss a custom built computer, call (585) 271-0050 or visit them online.

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