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3 Common Flat Screen TV Problems & Their Solutions July 19, 2018

Kahului, Maui
3 Common Flat Screen TV Problems & Their Solutions, Kahului, Hawaii

After a long day, there’s nothing better than sitting down on the couch and turning to your favorite television show. When an error with the TV prevents you from watching your guilty pleasure, such as a lack of picture or back light, it’s frustrating. Fortunately, many issues with a flat screen TV can be solved with some troubleshooting or a quick call to your TV repair company. So, below are three common problems of flat screen televisions along with how to solve them.

3 Frequent Flat Screen TV Issues & How to Fix Them

1. No Back Light

If you turn on your television and can hear the sound, but can’t see the display, then there could be an issue with the back light or a circuit associated with it. This problem could be tricky and would require an electronic technician to troubleshoot it. Unless you’re familiar with television electronics, it’s best to call a servicing company for assistance with this kind of TV repair.

2. No Picture

In place of your regularly-scheduled program, your TV might display a blue, green or black screen. A lack of picture indicates something wrong with the signal. First, confirm the cable box is on. Then, press the Input or Source button on your remote and scroll to the Television option. Finally, tighten any plugs or cables that may be loose. If you still can’t get the picture back, then contact your cable company for a TV repair. A representative might need to reset your box remotely.

3. Ghosting

A TV is ghosting when its picture is duplicated and then the second image is placed on top of the original, making the screen appear blurry. You might experience ghosting if you attempt to brighten the screen while watching a dark TV show. To get rid of it, try plugging it into a different outlet. This step will pinpoint whether the issue is caused by the actual television or its source box. If that doesn’t work, unplug the television and the box from the outlet and plug it back in after at least a minute of waiting. Finally, go to your Menu screen using your remote, followed by Picture, Picture Options and Picture Reset. This should set your picture settings back to normal.


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