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3 Tips to Improve Your Billiards Skill August 9, 2018

Meadowthrope, Lexington-Fayette Central
3 Tips to Improve Your Billiards Skill, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Playing pool is a fun way to spend your time and an enjoyable activity you can do with friends. If you’re new to the billiard pool table, however, getting the hang of the game can be a little tough. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will help you improve fast. Below, the team at Lexington Billiards & Spas in Kentucky lists their top secrets to step up your game.

How to Become the Master of the Billiard Pool Table

1. Practice Your Shots

There are a variety of techniques you’ll need to master to become an expert, including the straight, break, and cushion shots. Start with the first one. This is the simplest to learn and involves selecting balls that are directly in line with the pockets and trying to get them in. Practice each shot as often as you can until you’re comfortable.

2. Take Your Time

billiard pool tableRushing to sink the ball into the pocket will result in a lot of misses and frustration. Pool isn’t a game that requires speed, so take advantage of this. Before you move the cue, line up each shot carefully; also, spend time picking balls you think you can get into the pocket easily rather than going for the one closest to you.

3. Be Patient

Like anything else, pool requires patience and self-discipline. Don’t beat yourself up for losing games, and spend time working on your skills if you’re serious about getting better. Additionally, don’t rush yourself to take on difficult shots, and remember even the professionals had to spend years practicing before they got better.

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