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What Does the State of Alabama Consider a "Dangerous Dog?" July 24, 2018

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What Does the State of Alabama Consider a "Dangerous Dog?", Dothan, Alabama

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they are still animals, which means they act on instinct. Even the sweetest dogs could possibly end up biting someone. Every state has personal injury law statutes regarding liability in such scenarios. When a dog bites someone in Alabama, for example, the owner may not only be responsible, but may also face criminal charges. Alabama once had relatively lenient dog bite laws, but in early 2018, a new bill was passed that implements harsh penalties for people who own dangerous dogs that go on to bite others. 

What Is a “Dangerous Dog”?

In Alabama, dogs are not considered dangerous because of their breed, but rather, their history. Any dog that has bitten people is deemed dangerous. People who own or handle dangerous dogs are typically liable for any subsequent attacks, regardless of whether or not they were actually negligent at the time of the incident. Therefore, it is wise for them to keep their dog contained securely on their property at all times. 

Dogs that have already been deemed dangerous will not necessarily be affected by the new law unless they bite someone else moving forward. As of this year, a dog that bites someone in Alabama can be euthanized, which means there will likely be fewer dangerous dogs throughout the state in the future. 

What If You Are Bitten by a Dangerous Dog?personal injury law

If you are bitten by a dangerous dog, your first priority should be your health. Once you have received adequate medical care, call a personal injury law attorney. A lawyer will review the details of the incident to determine if the owner is liable. If the dog has a history of biting people or a propensity for aggression, the owner will most likely be responsible for all damages. Your attorney will then help you document everything and build a strong claim so you can recover compensation for all applicable losses. 


If you or someone in your family was bitten by a dog, turn to a personal injury law attorney at Lee, Livingston Lee, Nichols & Barron, P.C. to determine if you have grounds for a claim. Regardless if the dog was already considered dangerous, you may be entitled to compensation for all relevant damages—and their legal team will help you pursue it. Based in Dothan, AL, this firm provides counsel in a variety of practice areas, including civil litigation, business law, and real estate law. To request a free consultation with a compassionate personal injury law attorney on their team, visit their website or call (334) 792-4156. 

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