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How Compost Can Help Your Business Grow July 20, 2018

Henrietta, Monroe
How Compost Can Help Your Business Grow, Henrietta, New York

Compost has become increasingly popular with home gardeners interested in nourishing their gardens and reducing waste, but it also offers incredible benefits for a wide range of commercial projects. Cutting-edge compost products allow construction companies, contractors, and commercial landscapers to cut costs and improve outdoor spaces while making buildings and grounds more environmentally friendly. Understanding exactly what compost is and how it can be used in a commercial setting can help your company reap the benefits of these amazing products.

What Is Compost?

compostCompost is essentially a mix of organic matter, typically produced from household or commercial waste, that provides essential nutrients for crops, landscaping, and other plants. Unlike chemical fertilizers, which can leach into water supplies and carry unintended environmental consequences, compost is entirely safe, especially when produced by a certified manufacturer required to follow strict guidelines and regulations. When added to the soil, compost creates a rich environment that promotes growth and plant health, making them more resistant to disease and reducing erosion.

Compost in Commercial Applications

High-quality compost has the potential to help landscapers, designers, and other professionals lower costs and deliver better results for their clients. Many commercial landscapers, for example, rely on compost to make soil more suitable for certain plants and stabilize the design over the long term. If your project involves a rooftop garden, specially formulated compost products can reduce the maintenance required while reducing the weight on the building. Being able to offer green solutions to these and other issues can help satisfy clients who want to balance cost and efficiency with environmental concerns.


As one of the nation’s premier recycler of organic products, WeCare Organics offers customizable engineered soils to companies throughout the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With their decades of experience, they can produce effective compost for projects of almost any size, from small landscaping jobs to large-scale agricultural operations. Visit their website or Facebook to learn more about their products today, or call (315) 575-4595 to discuss your needs and request a quote.

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