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4 Must-Pack Items for Your Weekend Getaway August 15, 2018

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4 Must-Pack Items for Your Weekend Getaway, Jacksonville East, Florida

A weekend getaway is a welcome escape from the stress of a busy workweek. However, figuring out what to pack can be a challenge. Rather than over- or under-pack for the brief trip, it’s helpful to use your itinerary as the basis for planning your outfits and selecting the right gear. Here’s a simple list of must-have items, like T-shirts and swim trunks, to take with you, whether you’re heading to the beach or hiking in the mountains.

4 Necessities for Your a Weekend Trip

1. The Right Shirts

Though you may be spending most of the day lounging in comfortable T-shirts, it’s important to pack a couple of dressier items. Whether you’re traveling with friends or a partner, consult with them about nighttime plans. If they mention going out for drinks or romantic dinners, pack some button-up shirts.

2. Swim Trunks

swim trunksEven if you haven’t planned for swimming, it’s summer, and you want to be prepared. The house or hotel where your staying may have a pool, and a beach excursion may spontaneous arise. To be efficient, choose a pair of swim trunks that can double as day shorts too. This way, you’ll be ready for all options while still packing light.

3. Jacket or Sweatshirt

Even during the peak of summer, temperatures can drop quite a bit at night. It’s common to forget about outerwear when you’re packing for a warm-weather retreat. Come prepared by packing a light jacket or sweatshirt to ensure your comfortable all day. 

4. Gear for Fido

No weekend getaway is complete without your four-legged friend. If they’re coming along too, don’t forget to pack their gear. Bring food bowls, kibble, medications, and vet records in a designated pet bag. If possible, grab their bed, leash, and collar as well, so they have some familiar objects in a foreign place. 


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