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Top 5 Signs Your Tree Needs To Be Removed or Trimmed August 1, 2018

Marshan, Dakota
Top 5 Signs Your Tree Needs To Be Removed or Trimmed, Marshan, Minnesota

If you have a dead or diseased tree on your property, it can lead to massive damage or even personal harm. Tree removal services can help you avoid having large branches or limbs fall on your house or throughout your property, as well as prevent diseases from making their way to other trees on your property. Here are the signs that indicate a tree is dead or dying so you can remove them on time.

How to Know When You Need Tree Removal Services

1. Dead or Falling Branches

Branches can indicate how healthy a tree is. If they’re strong and full of greenery, the tree is probably in good health. If they’re sparse and falling all over your property, the tree may be dead or diseased. Those branches can cause major damage, and disease can spread to other trees on your property, so get it checked early.

2. Fungi Around the Base

Fungi, such as mushrooms, often start growing around trees with structural issues. They are more likely to grow when trees have diseased roots or when a tree has been damaged near the base.

3. Cracks or Peeling Bark

tree removalYou can also examine the tree’s trunk for signs of poor health. Splitting or peeling bark is often caused by impact or injury. If the tree gets hit with a lawnmower, for example, it could lead to this type of opening, which then leaves it susceptible to disease or other issues that could weaken its stability.

4. Leaning

The worst potential outcome of a dead or dying tree is to have it fall over onto your home. Often, you can see a tree start to lean in one direction before it falls all the way over, so call a tree removal service before it can cause property damage or harm.

5. Close to Power Lines

Even healthy trees can cause issues on your property if they’re growing close to power lines. To avoid breaking those lines, you can have the tree removed or at least have the offending branches trimmed away.


If you need a dangerous tree removed, call the professionals at Rivertown Tree Service in Hastings, MN. They’ll help you with tree removal, maintenance, and various other care tasks. They can also help with storm damage cleanup or land clearing. The company has been serving the Minneapolis south metro and Hager City area for more than 42 years. You can contact the team online or call (651) 438-3704 to schedule service.

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