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What Environments Attract Fire Ants? July 26, 2018

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What Environments Attract Fire Ants?, Enterprise, Alabama

For the most effective insect control in your yard, it helps to understand the types of environments that attract pests. This is especially true for fire ants, whose painful stings any homeowner would prefer to avoid. To minimize the presence of ants in your yard, learn to recognize the signs of this common pest, so you can keep them away.

What to Watch For

Insect ControlFire ant mounds are large, cone-shaped piles of loose, fluffy dirt. They can reach up to a foot and a half in height, but most are somewhat smaller. Fire ant mounds don’t have visible openings; instead, ants exit the nest through hidden tunnels, which may stretch up to thirty feet away from the main mound. This can make fire ant control more difficult, as simply spraying the mound is not enough to destroy a colony.

Conditions Ants Like

In general, fire ants prefer wide open areas which get plenty of sun, such as fields and lawns. However, they have also been known to build nests in rotten logs or under homes and other structures. They can nest in any soil, so the most important features of their homes are nearby water and food sources.

Insect Control Options

While you may not be able to avoid giving fire ants water as part of your lawn care regimen, you can withhold food sources for more effective insect control. Make sure your trash cans are kept clean and stored away from structures, so they don’t encourage ants to enter the home. Choose bins with tight-fitting lids if possible to further discourage ant activity. If you have fruit trees, clean up any fallen fruit off the ground and apply insecticide to the base of the tree as needed.


If you need professional insect control to remove or deter fire ants, choose Lucky Lawn Service in Enterprise, AL. They work year-round to maintain your yard with lawn care, weed removal, and landscaping services for a beautiful and healthy environment. To schedule a visit, call them at (334) 347-8873, and visit them online to learn more about their services.

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