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How to Know Which Type of Electrician You Need to Hire July 24, 2018

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How to Know Which Type of Electrician You Need to Hire, Texarkana, Arkansas

Business and homeowners know they should call a licensed electrician when lights start flickering and outlets stop working, but what they might not understand is that there are many different types of electricians with varying levels of expertise, specialization, and training. Before you call the first electrician you see online, consider these differences to help you find the best one for your project.

Types of Electricians


Journeyman electricians are highly skilled tradesmen who usually supervise or own their businesses and are partially through the training process of becoming a master electrician. Journeymen have studied as an apprentice under a master electrician to work with such tasks as lighting installations, installing mechanical connections, and repairing overhead lines.

Master Electricians

electricianThese individuals have at least seven years of experience working as an electrician or a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. In addition to their experience as a licensed electrician, masters must be able to supervise and manage a staff, including apprentices and journeymen, on both residential and commercial projects.

Residential Electricians

These licensed electricians, also known as domestic electrical installers, install, repair, and upgrade electrical equipment in for any type of housing. They must be familiar with housing codes and regulations and are the experts to call if you want to install landscape lighting.

Commercial Electricians

These electricians work in business settings, including for commercial construction companies and facilities. Their primary job is installing complex electrical systems for work environments, including security systems and mechanical technology. They are required to work as or under a master electrician because their work results can affect public safety.


For more than 50 years, Service First Electrical and Plumbing in Texarkana, AK and TX, has offered both residential and commercial electrical services. Their licensed electricians are among the most highly trained and certified in the states of Texas and Arkansas, also offering various opportunities for apprentices. They also provide warranties on their work. To learn more, call (870) 775-1035 to request a quote today, or visit them online.

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