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Well Drilling Experts Share 3 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure July 17, 2018

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Well Drilling Experts Share 3 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

You depend on water for everything from cooking to bathing; however, when there’s inadequate water pressure inside your home, it can be difficult to accomplish any of these tasks. As the well drilling team at Luisier Drilling in Oconto Falls, WI, explains, such issues shouldn’t be accepted as normal. In fact, they are often a symptom of other plumbing problems. Here’s a closer look at why you might be experiencing low water pressure.

3 Culprits of Low Water Pressure

1. Failing Pressure Regulator

Many homes utilize a pressure regulator to control the flow of water into the home. This is because when the water pressure is too high, it can damage the pipes. While the failure of this component is often associated with a spike in water pressure, a drop in pressure could occur instead. Replacing the regulator will usually solve the problem.

2. Partially Closed Shut-Off Valve

well drillingWhen plumbing repairs are performed in the home, an expert will often turn off the building’s water shut-off valve. Sometimes, this valve is not fully opened again after repairs have been completed. The shut-off valve will usually be located in the basement or on an outside wall of the house; turn the handle to restore normal water pressure.

3. Deteriorated Pipes

Over time, the pipes running into your home can fill with scale and other blockages. As the pipes corrode and become increasingly blocked, water pressure will gradually fall. Because it can take a long time for the water flow to get completely cut off, homeowners often don’t notice the issue until the pipes need to be replaced entirely.

Whether you’re experiencing low pressure with your recent water system installation or need well drilling for your property, you can count on Luisier Drilling to address your concerns. In business since 1936, their specialists are equipped to handle any emergency your residential water systems might face. To learn more about their well drilling services, visit them online or call (920) 848-5239 today.

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