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3 Reasons Your Divorce Attorney Wants You to Stay Off Social Media July 24, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
3 Reasons Your Divorce Attorney Wants You to Stay Off Social Media, Rochester, New York

Posting personal information online a decade or two ago was utterly incomprehensible, but today, it’s the norm. By its very nature, social media encourages users to post personal information about their lives so friends and followers can see what they’re up to from day to day. However, this is not always advisable if this information falls into the wrong hands. Regardless of how active you are online, though, it’s essential to refrain from posting during divorce proceedings. Third parties should not know what is happening. Here, Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney at Law, a strategic divorce attorney in Rochester, NY, explains why. 

Why You Should Avoid Social Media When Going Through a Divorce

1. Every Post Will Be Scrutinized 

The opposing party or their divorce attorney will scrutinize every post and try to use it against you. For example, do the spending habits or lifestyle exhibited in each photo or post align with the assets you disclosed? And if custody is an issue, are there pictures that could be used to show you’re not taking care of your children? These are just 2 examples. Since you make your personal affairs public when you put them online, it’s best to avoid posting until your divorce has been finalized. 

2. Friends Will Feel Compelled to Choose Sides

divorce attorneyChances are you and your spouse have quite a few friends in common. If either of you post about the divorce or put in details, the mutual friends may feel like they must choose sides, which can add friction to already contentious proceedings. It can also jeopardize your privacy. Even if you block your spouse, he or she can still learn what you’re doing through these mutual acquaintances. Do not trust third parties, even friends, to keep your personal information private.

3. You May See Things You Don’t Want to See 

Another reason to stay off social media during divorce proceedings is to keep your sanity. No one wants to see their spouse with someone else even if they initiated the split. For your own mental health, avoid logging in to check up on things. Chances are you’re not going to like what you see, no matter what it happens to be. And if negative emotions get the best of you, it could lead to rash decisions that can only hurt your case. 

Posting about your personal life online is a major mistake that could affect a pending divorce, or for that matter, any other legal proceeding. Therefore, if you want to end your marriage, enlist the help of a seasoned divorce attorney. By hiring a lawyer like Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney at Law, you can avoid making critical mistakes from the start. Based in Rochester, NY, this family law attorney has been representing clients for more than 38 years. Visit his website to see what past clients have said about the counsel he provides, or call (585) 546-5072 to schedule an initial consultation. 

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