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What Makes Up Biosoil? August 21, 2018

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What Makes Up Biosoil?, Henrietta, New York

Having healthy soil for landscape projects, green infrastructure, commercial landscape management, gardening, and other needs is crucial when you rely on plant health as a measure of a project’s success. A healthy layer of soil is also critical for eliminating trouble such as weeds, unhealthy plants, and poor irrigation. A viable solution that will improve your project greatly is the use of biosoil. Here are the basics of this soil mix option.

What Is Biosoil?


Biosoil is a sustainable way to use organic, biological material to create ideal soil content that is rich and nutrient-dense for healthier farms and gardens. Biosoil contains organic matter and various natural, beneficial bacteria to create a natural fertilizer for plants that has lower runoff and no chemicals.

By way of nitrogen-fixing bacteria that converts nitrogen into a natural fertilizer — as well as soluble phosphate to make more phosphorus-rich soil — turf and soil health is improved; and, the need for additional fertilizers is reduced. Plants develop a natural resistance to disease and other toxins, which means pesticides are not as critical for crops. 


biosoilBiosoil is self-activating, making it an innovative way to improve soil content and create sustainable, healthy earth. When the soil is nutrient-dense and well-aerated, the ecosystem it surrounds sees an improvement in nutrition and a reduction in contaminants and disease. It also improves carbon storage and ensures that irrigation is at optimal levels, improving runoff and reducing issues such as erosion or overly compacted dirt.

Engineered soil such as biosoil takes into account soil’s complex nature, using an understanding of microbial life in the earth to take key elements from those natural processes and harness them for a more stable soil mix. This leads to greater agricultural success as well as less toxins, fewer weeds, and healthier plant and animal life in the area.


The team at WeCare Organics takes the environment seriously. Located in West Henrietta, NY, their products and services emphasize sustainability and preservation, ensuring that their soil mixes, composts, and engineered soil can be used to create a healthy landscape. To learn more about their biosoil offerings and how they can help your land, call (315) 575-4595 or stop by their website.

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