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5 Wood Flooring Considerations for Your New Home September 11, 2018

Wawayanda, Orange
5 Wood Flooring Considerations for Your New Home, Wawayanda, New York

Part of the excitement of moving into a new house this summer is the ability to transform it however you wish. Whether your new abode currently features carpeting or other flooring you want to replace with hardwood, there are several factors to consider. Wood flooring comes in an array of styles featuring different colors, textures, and hardness levels:

Top 5 Considerations When Selecting Wood Flooring

1. Location

Where you want wood flooring influences the type you purchase. If you are outfitting your new basement, for example, use locking or engineered wood flooring. Both work well over concrete, though locking wood planks requiring a moisture barrier before installation. Engineered flooring features cross-layer construction to prevent expansion and moisture infiltration.

2. Color

Hardwood flooring comes in a range of colors from light blonde to black. Maple, for example, features a brownish-red hue, while reclaimed pine has a light brown, almost tan color. Red oak features lighter reddish tones compared to maple. Dark hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, and oak look stunning on their own or ebonized to create an opaque black look. Think about the color scheme and aesthetic you want as you browse wood flooring by color.

3. Hardness

Think about how much traffic your new floors will endure when selecting hardness levels. If your home includes children and pets, opt for the hardest species: red oak, southern chestnut, and Brazilian redwood are a few options. Pine and other soft woods show scratches and other signs of wear, so keep them in low-traffic rooms if you like their look and feel.

4. Finish

Wood flooring finishes vary from glossy lacquer to matte. Still others feature a “distressed” appearance to create a rustic or antique look. Shinier hardwoods will show surfaces scratches easier, while distressed or hand-scraped options hide signs of heavy traffic.

5. Board Width & Pattern

Board widths range from narrow strips to wide planks. Strips create the illusion of extra space while broader boards offer a rustic or country look. Other options include parquet squares in a beautiful range of tile designs, including standard block, herringbone, domino, basketweave, Monticello, and Haddon Hall.

Find the perfect wood flooring for your new home this summer at Floors Like Glass, the New Hampton, NY flooring material and installation company serving Orange County, Sullivan County, Putnam County, and Ulster County for 40 years. They also offer hardwood refinishing services if you have floors you wish to restore. Call (845) 294-9466 or visit the website today to learn more about products and services. Like the Facebook page for flooring selection and maintenance tips.

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