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Why Your Child or Teen Should Have a Back-to-School Physical July 25, 2018

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Why Your Child or Teen Should Have a Back-to-School Physical, Bronx, New York

With summer vacation in full swing, it’s easy to put off the crucial task of preparing your children or teenagers for the upcoming school year. Instead of waiting until the week before classes begin to start summer reading and review logistical needs, savvy parents can ease into the process by scheduling a routine physical with your child’s doctor. If you’re debating whether this appointment is necessary, here’s some insight into why this visit is crucial for your offspring’s overall well-being and development.

Understanding the Importance of Back-to-School Physicals for Children & Teens

Why Should Parents Schedule Physicals for Children Before the New School Year?

DoctorBack-to-school physicals are a form of preventative care. By meeting in-person, your doctor can review your child’s general health and evaluate development to confirm your little one is growing normally. In addition to confirming your child’s health, this appointment provides the perfect environment for your kid to bring up any questions they may have or aches and pains they are experiencing. By establishing an easy rapport, they’ll be more likely to open up to a medical professional in the future and maintain excellent health through every life stage. 

Are Back-to-School Physicals a Requirement?

Due to the importance of these checkups, many schools request proof of an annual physical signed by a doctor in order to enroll in classes and participate in extracurricular activities like sports. This routine visit to a medical center is particularly important when it comes to scheduled immunizations. As part of your summer planning, talk to your child’s school and find out if they have any health-related requirements. If you don’t have a primary health care provider, talk to your child’s adviser and your health insurance company for doctor recommendations.


Morris Park Medical Center is known throughout Bronx, NY, for being a friendly, efficient, and compassionate health care provider for residents throughout this bustling neighborhood. If you’re looking for an experienced doctor to perform a routine physical before school starts or a walk-in clinic that can quickly tend to your non-life-threatening ailments, call their office today at (718) 664-7679 to schedule an appointment.  For a better understanding of the conditions their internal medicine physicians can treat in children and adults, visit their website.

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