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3 Reasons to Try New Food July 18, 2018

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
3 Reasons to Try New Food , Kahului, Hawaii

Everyone has their favorite foods they love to enjoy again and again, whether it’s a slice of cheesy, margherita pizza or Mom’s special homemade Lomi Lomi salmon. Yet branching out from go-to dishes can be especially rewarding. Here are three reasons to try new foods, from Thai cuisine to French escargot.

Why Should You Try New Food?

1. Cultural Experience

In many cases, you can’t venture to new parts of the world without trying new dishes. Since culinary customs are so deeply rooted in a society’s culture, you can learn a lot about others by sampling their food. For example, in India, food is revered as a gift from above, and the aromatic, hearty dishes reflect that. Many in the country are also Hindus who don’t eat meat for religious reasons, making the dishes vegetarian-friendly. Meanwhile, Thai cuisine is characterized by the delicious practice of khluk, which involves mixing various textures and flavors with rice. Even if you try just one bite, you sample a taste of a new perspective.

2. Expand Your Culinary Options

thai cuisineLet’s face it—no matter how much you love pizza or poke, you can’t eat it every day. Avoid boredom in your culinary routine and mix it up. Even the pickiest eaters may identify a new spice they can’t help but love, whether it’s cumin or kaffir lime leaves. Then, whether you’re cooking at home or dining out, you can spice up your life. As an added bonus, introducing new flavors into your meals can be healthy for you too.

3. Come Together With Loved Ones

Food has a special way of bringing people together. When you expand culinary horizons, you can forge new, special experiences with people from all walks of life. A more open mind fosters new relationships, interests, and even passions that will serve you for a lifetime.


Enjoy a new culinary adventure when you try a bite of mouthwatering Thai cuisine. The experienced chefs at Thailand Cuisine 2 in Kahului, HI, create handcrafted recipes from fresh, flavorful ingredients. From pad thai to gaiyang, there are over 50 delicious dishes on the menu just waiting for you to try. They also offer plenty of vegetarian food and seafood dishes. To place an order for takeout or to schedule a reservation, call the Thai restaurant today at (808) 873-0225. For more information about the top-rated Thai cuisine spot, visit the website

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