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3 Common Pediatric Illnesses Requiring Medical Care August 1, 2018

Washington Heights, Manhattan
3 Common Pediatric Illnesses Requiring Medical Care, Manhattan, New York

As a parent, determining whether your child needs professional medical care to fight an illness can be difficult to gauge. Some symptoms pass naturally in a day or two, while other problems require assistance from your primary care physician or a trustworthy walk-in clinic. To better understand the right course of action, here are the pediatric ailments that require assistance from a health care provider.

Top 3 Pediatric Ailments Medical Care Professionals Tend To

1. Ear Infections

Medical CareEar infections, swimmers ear, and ear pressure due to sinus infection frequently impact the health and well-being of children. To determine the source of the infection and how to treat the situation, you’ll need to seek the assistance of a medical care professional. They’ll visually assess the ear canal to diagnose the problem and prescribe antibiotics.

2. Urinary Tract Infections

Children are prone to UTIs or bladder infections based on bathroom habits, hygiene, family history, abnormal backflow, and kidney development. As with adults, children with a UTI will experience a painful, burning sensation when they urinate and the urge to go frequently. A pediatrician can test a urine sample to determine whether your little one has an infection and prescribe antibiotics so the ailment passes faster.

3. Common Cold

The common cold affects children regularly, especially if they are in child care or elementary school surrounded by other kids. While minor colds can be treated at home, visit your pediatrician if your child has a high fever, congestion, cough, and a runny nose that lasts more than a day or two to ensure their condition stays under control. 


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