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5 Dangers of DIY Roof Repair July 23, 2018

Kew Gardens, Queens
5 Dangers of DIY Roof Repair, Queens, New York

Roof problems can pose long-term concerns if they aren’t dealt with swiftly. In many cases, it may seem easier and more financially savvy to simply tackle the possibility of a roof repair yourself than to contact a home improvement professional. There are many downsides associated with a DIY attempt, however, and the roof is one area of the home where an expert touch is always the best option. Here are five reasons to avoid doing it yourself.

5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Roof Repairs

1. Finding the Problem

Kew Gardens, NY roof repairAlthough the problem itself may be obvious, locating the precise spot isn’t always as simple. A large leak due to a conspicuous opening is best left to someone who has the experience and equipment needed to handle a problem of great magnitude. On the other hand, smaller leaks may be tough to find, and spending unnecessary time on the roof attempting to do so isn’t safe.

2. Staying Safely Balanced

Climbing a ladder can be difficult if you aren’t accustomed to doing so. Once you’re up there, it’s important to maintain your safety by staying properly balanced. Roofing contractors use very specific ladders, along with safety harnesses and other protective equipment, to ensure that they’re stable while they work. This is a critical concern that could be very dangerous to an inexperienced person.

3. Using Equipment Appropriately

Roof repairs require very specific materials. Even if you purchased all of the right items from the home improvement store, you’d still need to understand how to use and apply them properly — and if the problem develops again, you would need to contact a professional anyway.

4. Low-Level Experience

A lack of experience can be a major detriment to anyone who attempts a roof repair. The simple act of walking on a rooftop takes practice, as does maneuvering to reach the intricate areas that need attention. Roofing contractors understand that some roofs lack integrity in different spaces, and their trained eyes allow them to recognize the spots that are rotting or sagging. An inexperienced person may walk on these areas unknowingly and suffer as a result.

5. Exposure to Contaminants

Many roofing products dating from the early 1980’s contain asbestos, a harmful substance that may cause serious lung and abdominal problems. People who breathe in this contaminant are at risk of developing mesothelioma, infections, and asthma, along with other serious conditions.


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