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3 Reasons to Keep Lawn Mower Blades Sharp July 19, 2018

De Motte, Jasper
3 Reasons to Keep Lawn Mower Blades Sharp, De Motte, Indiana

Falling behind with lawn mower maintenance will reduce the efficiency of the equipment and cut its life expectancy short. Beyond monitoring oil levels and keeping mechanical components lubricated, having blades regularly sharpened by a professional should also top the lawn mower upkeep checklist. Below is further explanation as to why having sharp blades pays off in the long-run.

Why Your Lawn Mower Needs a Sharp Blade

1. Protects the Grass

lawn mowersWhen a lawn mower blade is dull, it will tear grass instead of producing a clean cut. The torn grass edges are like open wounds, leaving the turf vulnerable to developing fungal infections. Torn grass also loses moisture quickly, which could result in dry brown spots throughout the lawn. Having the blades sharpened a few times during mowing season will limit stress placed on grass and reduce the likelihood of injury and dehydration when it’s cut.

2. Keeps Pests Away

Mowing the lawn with a dull blade could lead to pest problems on your property. When the turf is torn, animals could smell the dying plant tissue and head to your yard to find the source of the smell. Deer, rabbits, and other animals that eat grass could still try to get nutrients from the weakened turf. Mowing the lawn with a sharp blade will keep grass healthy, which will make your space less desirable to pests.  

3. Extends Life of Lawn Mower 

When the blade is dull, the lawn mower uses more gas and the engine works harder to slice through the turf. The added effort places unnecessary strain on equipment that could lead to malfunctions and unexpected breakdowns. Keeping the blade sharp will improve lawn mower efficiency and prevent mechanical problems that could cut its life short. 


Sharpening a lawn mower blade can be dangerous, which is why you should reach out to the team at Anderson Outdoor Power in Demotte, IN, for help. The technicians are trained to service various brands of lawn equipment, which means they will make sure your investment runs smoothly. If you want an upgrade, the sales associates will show you the selection of high-quality used and new lawn equipment and share mowing tips to keep your landscape lush. To find out about lawn equipment repair, sales, and maintenance services available in Jasper County, call (219) 987-5212. Visit the company online for a complete list of brands serviced and follow them on Facebook for merchandise photos.