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3 Dog Training Tips for Large Pets July 23, 2018

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3 Dog Training Tips for Large Pets, Walworth, New York

Although training all types of dogs requires time, patience, and care, there are some very specific points that apply to bigger canines. If you have a large pet and are ready to begin dog training, it’s important to approach training with their size in mind. These tips from the experts at Orchard Kennels, a dog boarding facility in Walworth, NY, are an excellent starting point.

3 Ways to Train Your Large Dog Successfully

1. Begin Training at a Young Age

Walworth, NY dog trainingLarge dogs have plenty of energy, so it’s especially beneficial to start training when they’re young. Basic obedience can be taught as young as eight weeks old, progressing to more formal behaviors from there. Feed their energy during dog training with an appropriate diet that helps build their muscles and keeps their joints in excellent condition. This, along with regular activity, is the key to a great start.

2. Prevent Jumping On Others

It’s not a big deal when a small dog jumps up, but large jumping puppies can easily overwhelm, frighten, or injure a person. Practice greeting in the appropriate way, either by sitting when a person approaches or extending a paw to shake. This is a learned behavior that will ultimately take the place of the more natural jumping movement that your large dog would otherwise be more inclined to do.

3. Teach Them Lifelong Behaviors

Envision your dog in a few years. The behaviors they learn now will set them up for a lifetime of encounters with people and other dogs. That’s why you must train those maneuvers at a young age. The sooner they learn them, the less opportunity they’ll have to inadvertently cause injury or damage because of their size. Sitting, staying, and heeling are all calming actions that will help your large pup grow up to be a polite, well-mannered dog.

Your dog deserves only the best, and that’s exactly what he’ll receive at Orchard Kennels. Its indoor facility is designed to accommodate dogs over 35 pounds in a comfortable, monitored setting. In addition to dog training and obedience, you can also bring your pet in for grooming. This kennel for dogs covers all of the bases to ensure that your large pet is in the best possible hands. For dog boarding or training, you can trust them to help. Visit their website for more information, or call (315) 986-1605.

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