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3 Dynamic Warm-Up Stretches for Athletes of Any Age August 17, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
3 Dynamic Warm-Up Stretches for Athletes of Any Age, Cincinnati, Ohio

No matter your age, warm-up stretches are important to help prevent pain or injury from a workout or other forms of physical activity. However, many stretches are sport- or age-specific — and that is why Siefert's Sports Center, a sports equipment facility in Cincinnati, OH, has shared their three favorite options. These stretches are simple to do, effective for all, and can be performed by old and young athletes alike.

3 Simple Warm-Up Stretches to Try

1. Knee to Chest

A dynamic stretch simply requires one to move as their warming up. Most often, they require zero sports equipment and can be done at home. For example, you can stretch your hamstrings and improve your flexibility by engaging in a knee-to-chest exercise. This move will look a lot like running in place. Pump your arms alternatively as you bring your bended knee up as high as you can. You can do this swiftly, as if you’re running. Or, you can slow it down by balancing on one leg and using your hands to pull the opposite knee close to your body. Stand for up to 15 seconds before switching.

2. Lunge & Twist

sports equipmentOne of the best activities to do before a workout or game is a basic lunge with an upper body twist added in. To do this, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step your right leg out in front of you, then bend that same knee to lower your body. Do not allow your right knee to extend beyond your toes. Lower until your left kneecap nearly touches the ground. Once there, pause and twist your upper body to the right and left. Raise up and return your feet to their original position. Repeat with the left leg, and do this 10 times.

3. Hand Walk

To focus your shoulders and core, begin by standing with your legs straight and together. To perform the hand walk, bend over at the waist until both hands lay flat on the ground. If you’re unable to do this, simply bend as far as you can go. Then, walk your hands forward slowly. Try to keep your entire body in a straight line. Continue walking until you reach the plank position with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Hold this for a few seconds before walking back to your original position.

All three of these dynamic stretches can be performed by any age and for any sport. You can be even more prepared for your next game by investing in your own sports equipment. Pick some up at Siefert's Sports Center in Cincinnati, OH. For over 30 years, they have provided top-quality custom T-shirts, such as company uniforms and high school apparel, as well as other goods. The best way to find the right fit and design for you is to visit their shop in person and browse their selection. Until then, you can check out their services online. Or, ask about additional sports equipment by calling (513) 662-1520 today.

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